March 7, 2021

10 Things Only Experts Know About Vape Flavors !!

Phils Vape To Escape

With such countless kinds of e vape flavors presently available, it may be precarious sorting out which e fluid you should try first. That is the reason we’ve collected the best and most well-known things only experts know about for your vaping joy Phils Vape to Escape

Blending Flavors :

With a musky flavor that is both spotless and strong, the Vape to Escape makes certain to fulfill the cowpoke within you. If the fruitier flavors don’t engage you, their flavor like Peaky Blinders tastes how you generally trusted an e-cigarette would. 

Rach Sweeny said: 

“Lovely lady serving me today, knowledgeable, and lots of products to pick from. Will be back!”

Bears To Rock :

Enlivened by the famous Gummi Bear shot, this eJuice has all the deliciousness of a candy gummi bear, all the fulfillment of the beverage named after it, and none of the aftereffect or calories. 

Swagger :

With a smooth tobacco-based flavor, this is the taste that will take care of business for those hoping to change from cigarettes to vaping. Try not to pass up this one. 

Bryan said: 

“Alright. For what reason did I stand by so long to try Swagger? Goodness! What a scrumptious e-fluid! I am a tobacco just vaper so I typically don’t go for sweet/fruity vapes or something besides tobacco… This stuff is quite sweet yet it makes me think tobacco… But it helps me to remember birthday cakes also… It has a “smoky” tobacco flavor with a sweet blend… it’s hard to truly depict the flavor however on the off chance that you have not tried it, don’t falter. It’s astounding. One of my best 3 untouched most loved juices! Much obliged Pink Spot!!! Can hardly wait to try some other Pink Spot Tobaccos!!!!!!”

Banana Nut Bread : 

Much the same as mother used to make! Or on the other hand possibly better. This rich flavor makes certain to fulfill and doesn’t contain each one of those carbs. 

Rebecca said: 

“I discovered my new love. This is essentially the best flavor I have tried at this point. Because of the superb audits above, I chose to give it a shot and I could reverse somersaults at this moment. I have not put this down since it showed up via the post office today. I bounced right on the web and requested a 30 ml bottle. This just made my entire vaping experience arrive at an unsurpassed high. Thank you such a great amount for making a particularly stunning flavor.”

Cheers To Cotton Candies : 

This impeccably sweet e juice reproduces the jamboree treat. Spurred by famous interest. If you are searching for that very sweet taste, this is it.

Peach Green Tea : 

Try not to leave this one behind. Peach green tea is smooth, unpretentious, and will facilitate your spirit. The ideal flavor to vape in the wake of a difficult day of work. 

Chris views:

“My initial 120 ML buy, after trying the example I needed to have more. Most likely the best flavor on this site with a nearby second being Fuzzy Navel, the two of which I get OTR.”

Pink Spot :

Our unmistakable mix, this flavorful juice hits the spot with traces of lime, raspberry, and pineapple. You won’t be baffled. 

Laura shared her tips by saying:

“I began vaping 7 months back and before all else, I was experiencing flavors like insane, I had a companion of mine give me a large portion of a jug this “On The Rocks” and I adored it. I try new flavors constantly however I hold returning for additional. Just arrange a 30Ml container, let’s perceive how long it endures!”


This mixed drink enlivened e juice has some genuine nibble. This strong mix is featured by blackberry, cranberry, and traces of citrus. 

As per John: 

“Why goodness for what reason does my example bottle have so little??? I tried this and needed it the entire day, however shockingly I needed to stand by till payday to arrange me a major jug. On the rocks is an absolute necessity. This and Swagger will be in my future requests.” 

Peach Pit Tobacco :

This flavor is a decent, unobtrusive vape you can appreciate the entire day. An ideal equilibrium of peach and tobacco flavor, this eJuice might just turn into your top choice. 

David shared that: 

“A companion of mine suggested I try this flavor. I am not an enthusiast of Peach flavor by any stretch of the imagination, anyway dependent on her recommendation I tried this flavor last time I was at PSV. Goodness!!! incredibly was this flavor acceptable? This is by a long shot of my #1 flavor that I have tried at PSV. This is a HOMERUN. Extraordinary as an all-day vape. I will arrange a major container of this flavor next time I go to Pink Spot Vapors. Much obliged PSV for a particularly astonishing flavor.”


Whatever flavor you like, you can locate the best e fluid available at Phils Vape to Escape.

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