September 23, 2021
Matterport for real estate

5 Best Matterport Alternatives for Small Businesses

Real estate marketing has been excellently keeping up with the times in terms of modern technology. Through the help of these innovations, selling properties has become easier and more convenient for both buyers and the sellers. And one of the popular options to market real estate these days is by creating virtual tours.

Matterport is a well-known brand for real estate virtual tours. It is a video optimized technology that captures virtual reality environments from different places. By using Matterport for real estate, you create realistic 3D walk-throughs as well as full-scale photorealistic models for your projects in just a few hours.

However, some businesses cannot afford to buy Matterport, since it requires high monthly subscription fees, has proprietary hosting, and is not suitable for small markets. It is also difficult to use for non-technical agents. Thus, there are several competitors that offer the same features at a more affordable price that you can count on instead. Check out the best Matterport alternatives below:

VPiX 360 Virtual Reality

reat estate model room

This online-only Matterport competitor offers various 3D and virtual tour services. VPiX allows you to create virtual tours, brand them, and share them on your social media accounts. Its social media integration for Twitter, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube makes it unique. In just a few clicks, you can already upload your content, share it to your followers, and eventually gain more leads.

VPiX offers three subscription plans, which are way cheaper than Matterport. The cheapest is $59 each month which lets you store 10 virtual tours. But you can also get its premium plan for $259 monthly allowing you to store 250 virtual tours. These plans make it accessible to both small and large-scale businesses, depending on your needs. Although VPiX is affordable, you still need a 360 camera to shoot panorama images and it lacks features that can interface with smart devices, meaning you won’t be able to use your tablet or phone for quick tours.


kitchen showroom

Share more valuable information to buyers by adding clickable pop-ups to your virtual tours. EyeSpy360 is another Matterport for real estate alternative that provides automatic pop-ups and clickable hotspots to make buyers pay attention at different parts of the tour. These elements include agent contact details, mini tours of particular parts of the property, and other in-depth details.

Pricing depends on the number of virtual tours as well as scenes or rooms each tour. For the EyeSpy Free, you get three tours and five scenes per tour. In case you want more than that, you can opt for the EyeSpy Starter, which costs $13.99 each month for three tours and 10 scenes. Moreover, there is an EyeSpy Advanced that is priced at $34.99 monthly for 10 video tours and unlimited scenes. EyeSpy360 is geared towards both businesses and individuals. However, it cannot match the 3D animation and map projection of Matterport.

Zillow 3D Home Tour

Known as the most affordable and intuitive Matterport alternative, Zillow 3D Home Tour is a mobile app that lets you create stunning virtual tours through your smartphones alone. It is free to download, provided you have a Zillow Premier Agent account. You will need to pay $20 to $60 for each lead on the account, too. So, if you are always on the go and on a budget, then this is the perfect choice for you.

The best thing about Zillow 3D Home Tour is that it does not depend on additional equipment, such as 3D camera and computer, to create virtual tours. You will be guided by the app through a series of instructions and on-screen prompts. Nonetheless, the quality of the tour won’t be top-notch as you will only be taking shots using a smartphone and editing options are limited.

Pano2VR Software

Pano2VR Software

For the best tour customization, Pano2VR Software is the greatest Matterport alternative. It is ideal for customizing virtual tours with compelling features. You can apply different skins to customize what the buyer sees and droplets to streamline the entire video creation experience.

The Pano2VR Software is priced at $149 for a digital download. It lets agents use it to create as many virtual tours they want and a free trial download to test its features before purchasing is available. For the tech-savvy agents who like to show off their design and coding skills, this is the right option for you.

3DVista Software

3DVista Software

To increase property visibility and searchability, choose 3DVista Software for your virtual tour creation. This Matterport for real estate alternative lets you add tours to Google Maps, for a wider audience searching in a particular location. It is a software that needs a 3D camera and a complete download, making it not available online.

For a price of $550, 3DVista gives you unlimited usage of the virtual tour software. It may be the most expensive among this list of Matterport alternatives, but it is definitely worth its price. You can enjoy live panoramic views, specialized tour transitions, in-image zoom, 3D floor plans, and a wide-range of features designed to create a tour within the Google Maps framework.

While Matterport is a popular virtual tour creation platform for real estate, many small businesses find it to be too pricey and complex to use, that is why these alternatives listed here can help you out in presenting a property digitally to buyers in a more cost-effective way. Hence, choose the best Matterport alternative that best fits your needs and increase your marketing reach!

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