December 3, 2020
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5 Unconventional Facts About Diwali You Should Know

There are a billion trillion people in the world. Everyone has their uniqueness and personality. But there is one thing that can be found as very common. Every person, you, me, us, and even animals and insects too are attracted to beauty. We always want to be surrounded by beauty and there is one thing that gives us beauty and happiness both, yes, we are talking about the festivals that we celebrate traditions and according to the rituals. 

5 Unconventional Facts About Diwali You Should Know

Our nation owns or observes more festivals than other countries. India is the country where occasions are used to be celebrated happily. There is charm and happiness that can be seen everywhere. There are more than one hundred festivals that used to be celebrated all across the Indian subcontinent. But there is one festival that is the most awaited festival of our nation. It is none other than but Diwali my dear friends. It is celebrated on the initial days of winters in the midsection of October and November. It is the most celebrated festival of Hindus. 


So we are here to gain more knowledge over Diwali. Today, something unique is going to happen. The best thing about Diwali is, it is the festival where we get a chance to meet our relatives and loved ones either they can be our relatives or neighbors. Today we are going to talk about something knowledgeable that no one even a book will not tell you. So don’t forget to read till the last and gain proper knowledge. So now without wasting any time, let’s get started;


  • If we focus on the proper celebration idea, then there is also a festival that used to be celebrated a few weeks before Diwali. Which is popular in India with the name of Dussehra. On this day, we ignited the effigies of three demonic lords, one was the commandant of the demonic legends, Megnad. The second was having an immense personality who could crush humans with a finger only, Kumbhkaran. And in the center middle, the demon king with the thousands of demonic powers, Ravan. Without igniting them, the Diwali festival and its rituals are incomplete and can’t be celebrated properly.


  • As we know that Diwali is also known as Dipawali. When we elaborate it we will get ‘Dip’ which stands as Diya and ‘wali’ which means occupying. This means the festival which occupies Diyas is known as Diwali. Here is the deal fellas, don’t forget to light diyas on your rooftop and to religious places. Doing this, you are ensuring that you and your family are now protected against all the evil influences and negativity. Don’t forget to follow precautions by igniting Diyas on this auspicious day and also buy Diwali gifts for your relatives and friends.


  • Scriptures have a crucial role to play in our lives. Some people used to not believe in that because it is hidden and nobody gives it value. But following it will give you peace. According to scriptures, Diwali is a versatile festival. Hence, on this day, we should avoid saying no to beggars and comers. Even if you receive un-authorized texts from others then wish him/her with a ‘Happy Diwali’ message. The more we wish the more we receive blessings. Also, give sweets and celebrate happiness to others by cutting cakes and gifting sweets for the day of Diwali. 


  • India is a nation where the culture is famous all over the world. Abroad countries don’t get tired of praising us. We should be very proud that we are living in this nation. There is one more country where Diwali is celebrated with more cheer and fun. It is the United Kingdom. People there also celebrate Diwali festivities with fun. So if someone you know is living there, then you can now send Diwali gifts online and make them feel happy and special for you. This Diwali try to not leave anyone unhappy. Give your valuable time to everyone. 


  • After cleaning, decorations are done with the help of lights, candles, rangoli, etc. People get the whitewash of their house done and they mostly get it done once in a year that is on Diwali. Since beautification of the places is the most significant element of diwali gift hamper celebrations, one can give the presents of decorative items which one can make in the following ways. The greatest Hindu God Lord Rama returned to his residence after killing the most notorious demon king Ravana who had kidnapped his wife. When he fell back to Ayodhya along with her family, people there started celebrating and ignited Diya. 


So these were the things that you need to learn today. I hope you have acknowledged enough. Thanks for staying with us!

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