May 5, 2021

6 Simple Tips to Keep Remote Employees Highly Productive at Home During Pandemic

It’s evident how the COVID-19 virus dramatically changed the business landscape last year. Almost all businesses have encouraged and required employees to work from home. Although many employees are working remotely already, many managers and workers are still having a hard time adjusting to this change. 

Working from home may benefit some people. However, it may also mean distractions, fewer interactions with fellow employees, and more social isolation—all resulting in poor productivity. In order to conquer these challenges, employers must be able to try new ways to manage and collaborate with employees and allow to have more ways for employees to connect with each other. 

Here are some ways to keep your employees from having their work done and make them happy too! 

  1. Set up daily check-ins 

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Most managers today are no longer having daily face time with employees, and employees not being able to chat around with their colleagues, it’s recommended that you arrange a daily check-in routine to be able to set priorities and promote connections. 

You may do a morning check-in via video chat, or even a simple instant message to foster a sense of normalcy. These check-ins may be done among small groups or one-on-one. 

You may revamp your meetings to adapt particularly to the needs of your remote workers and help them maintain productivity. 

  1. Provide your team with tech tools for their productivity 

One of the best ways to support your team’s success as they’re working remotely is to give them tools that can help them stay connected with everyone and be productive. You may include project management tracking apps like Airtable, Asana, Slack and Microsoft Teams, and other video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts. 

When teams are equipped with these new technologies, managers and employees can stay on the same page no matter where they are working from, whether they’re at home or picking some goods at the grocery store. These various kinds of apps can keep your team more united and productive once COVID-19 cases lessen and people can return to work. 

  1. Give employees dedicated workspaces

Employees who go to the office regularly have never required a dedicated workspace in their homes. However, things have changed now and if they are regularly working from home, bosses must encourage the creation of home offices that are separate from shared spaces. In other cases, companies must offer huge allowance or salary to assist workers in creating proper, productive spaces for remote work. 

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Having dedicated workspaces can help employees have the freedom to separate themselves from the normal distractions from life at home. A lot of parents need to be present at home as their children are taking online classes, which is why having an office away from family can allow you to maintain focus and remain on task. 

The home office may be a temporary makeshift space whether it’s the basement, guest room, attic or walk-in closet that can help you mentally separate personal life from work. Companies must ask their employees if they home desks, laptops, computers and other things they need for their job. The Human Resources department must make sure that they give great HR support for the employees and ask them what they need to stay productive if they are shy to communicate these things to their boss. 

  1. Allow them to work in flexible hours 

As you work with remote teams, the technique here is to let them work in flexible hours to maintain consistency. Even though a concrete plan is a must, you must be able to hear them out and then adjust from it if needed. If a flexible schedule is possible, it doesn’t matter as long as the work gets finished and is of high quality.

  1. Support them emotionally 

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Working from home can add to negative emotions and loneliness that employees feel, especially during times of pandemic. Employers must be generous in providing their employees with emotional support. As a leader, you must be the one to set the tone for their virtual offices with a calm and hopeful aura to make the workplace level-headed where workers can still achieve their goals and tasks. 

In a completely remote work setup, managers in every department must be more available than regular check-ins and other inquiries that they have given the unknown circumstances. Arrange virtual office hours and be present on messaging or chat apps during the day to help employees.

Leaders must also motivate self-care among their employees, who psychologically are trying to adjust to remote work, the challenge of new environments, and the problems of daily updates about COVID-19. Aside from that, managers should be responsible for advocating for a healthy lifestyle for remote employees such as taking showers, exercise, get enough sleep, and continue to try living their lives as normal as they can. 

  1. Reward them with a performance bonus

It’s not that easy to work from home during this pandemic. Everybody is doing their best to balance their job and personal life while working at home. As an employer, you need to understand this. If you see that they’re exerting effort and continue to meet their new goals, they deserve some token of appreciation too. Giving them a performance bonus will help them do their jobs happily knowing that you value their time and hard work. 

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