September 24, 2021
Best 5 ways to instill the spirit of teamwork

Best 5 ways to instill the spirit of teamwork

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” said Vince Lombardi, an American football coach, and executive in the National Football League.

Therefore is a leader one should take up the responsibility and get everyone on the team eager and excited to give their best and bring out the best in the team. And that is not easy and happening without by a general will of everyone to put “we” ahead of “me.” so here are some 5 best ways to instill the spirit of teamwork and achieve the insurmountable.

Be a humble leader:

As a leader, we should appreciate the fact that teamwork with us and do not work for us. And owing to that if something good takes place based upon our team members suggestion. We should give credit to them as it was their idea or suggestion which made it happen. And on the contrary, if something bad happens on account of a suggestion we received and it turns out bad. We should step up and take the blame. As the saying goes, “The star of the team is the team.”

Have some rules on how communication between team members should be:

There should be some ground rules which should be practiced in the workplace so things go smoothly. We could try using Napoleon Hill’s advice which is: “If you have something to say to somebody or about somebody, think if it will help them or hurt them. If it will help them say it; if it will hurt them, don’t.” this will help us to create a positive culture where negative criticism and gossip are not accepted.

Praise publicly and criticize privately:

When we praise, we should also make it a point to praise those who are seldom acknowledged. For example, we can praise our “backbone team” (clerical staff) or “first contact team” (receptionists). Which also do a lot of work in the backdrop but are seldom missed out. It is like a racecar whose bolt keeps a wheel on the car is as just as important as the powerful engine that runs it. We should know everyone’s job and why it is important. Also, we should appreciate their efforts in front of everyone so they could feel appreciated and acknowledged for the efforts they have been putting in. This will also encourage others to do good work.

And when it comes to criticism, it should be carried out in private as it will be made them feel that we are doing it for their improvement and betterment of the team.

Stress of WE instead of ME:

We should not shy away from talking about other personal goals. As everyone has their own personal goals and achievements to look after. But we should make one thing clear if a team accomplishes its goals then there are higher chances of getting the personal goals accomplished.

Organize social events:

All in all, it is more important to celebrate the little team moments. On a similar note, it can be a great idea to organize any kind of social events as it can provide a boost to our team spirit. Also, games can be introduced at such events too like an escape room that will encourage everyone to work together as a team in a non-work environment and carry that team spirit with them in their day-to-day activities too.


By deploying these Suggestions one can bring about unison and harmony in the team through which great things can be achieved with ease. For instance, we can look at Gary Ng Toronto resident, who doesn’t come from a very wealthy background. But Gary Ng had very hard for a long time and has taken a substantial amount of effort to be where he is today. It was his leadership skills that have earned him his name today and his team of loyal employees who were with him in his thick and thin.

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