July 24, 2021



The trekking place in India are spread across all over the country, but it is the Himalayas, that takes the top position. In Himachal Pradesh, Hampta Pass is one of the most awe-spring treks in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. The Indian Himalayan range spans over six states namely Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, West Bengal and  Arunachal Pradesh. Trekking is a way of visiting a hills, it’s history, lush green nature and communicate  with the people who are living in that area. One of the huge benefits of trekking is that it upgrade or enhance your bodily or physically health massively. It is an venture that comprises camping, walking, travelling and hiking to the unknown adventurous areas. In India trekking, you can experience in the lap of nature, where you can gain a great variety of fauna and flora. On one side of the Hampta Pass trek lies the lush green kullu valley and on the other side is the stark opposite dessert valley of lahul. One of the major climax of the trek is the travel to high height ‘Chandratal Reservoir’ in Spiti. A part of the Eastern Himalaya, Sikkim is outstanding for it’s biodiversity, including alpine and equatorial climates. It is a very alluring hilly place, which is always allure or attracts tourist with it’s amazing view. In Sikkim there is a well-known ‘Goecha La Pass’ is a tremendous hill pass in the Himalaya range. This is one of the closest point where you can see the supreme ‘Kanchan Jangha’. For a trekker ‘Goechala’ trek are full of adventures where one can enjoy the adrenaline rush with it’s steep trails, bask in the beauty of nature and come to know more about Sikkim, the land of serene beauty. The perfect time to hit the hiking trails of goechala is in the summer season between the month of April to June. In the state of Sikkim, Goechala is one of the finest place for trekkers in India. Lastly this trek is ideal for love of nature. In Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha is a majestic peak located in Govind wildlife sanctuary of uttarkashi district. Although Kedarkantha remains cold throughout the year, December and January the winter months are best to witness this place. The trek gives a feel of climbing the Himalayas without any technical climbing that is why it makes the this trek much more special and unique. The Sar pass trek is in parvati valley of kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, a state of India. The trek allows the takers to see the Himalayas covered with pristine white in kasol and lush greens. It is one of the high altitude treks in Himachal Pradesh. The speciality of this trek is each areas you visit through is the most beautiful place. The month April to June is good to visit these place. 


Valley Of Flowers is a destination where nature blooms in full glory providing wonderful experience. Foreign flowers like daisies, poppies, orchids, marigold and primulas are an eye-catching spectacle. The flowers are here can be best viewed between the months of may and October. This Valley is also home to such surprising and infrequent wildlife species like  the black bear, the red fox, the Himalayan monal, and the snow leopard. The valley is believed to have been discovered in 1931. The best and only way to explore this high altitude valley is on foot. The Valley of flowers route is one of the India’s most popular Himalayan treks. The valley of flowers is not allowed to overnight stay and camping. Valley of flowers National Park in Uttarakhand state is still one of the few pristine biospheres present in India. When a place is natural and raw, it generally is a little difficult task to reach. Every year an amazing flowering bonanza starts in these peak altitude alpine meadows. Though it is open around mid-June till September once the ice starts melting. The Valley is not attainable or reachable far off December until early May. Each Month different flowers are bloom in the valley in different shades of flowers. Valley of flowers is safe areas because it is one of the most familiar journey in the Indian Himalayas.

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