March 7, 2021
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Blogging Jobs Moms Can Do Readily


Are you a mother blogger and trying hard to earn money blogging?

I understand.

It may be a battle, particularly once you see OTHER mother bloggers killing it using their own blog.

However, I’ve got a secret to share with you.

It is something you could begin earning money blogging fast.

It is blogging tasks! All these are work at home jobs.

And you know what? You really don’t want blog traffic or a viewer to acquire some blogging tasks.

This is just what I do, and it is not unheard of to earn $600 a website article!

Thus, allow me to share with you exactly what blogging tasks are and how to begin earning money blogging.

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Which Are Blogging Jobs?

Blogging tasks are writing gigs, picture gigs, or growth gigs for different bloggers, brands, companies, solopreneurs, startups, and much more.

I really do writing gigs for smaller companies, so my article will largely assist you with freelancer blogging.

These blogging tasks are recurring because the company hiring one want daily, weekly, or yearly articles to their own blog.

By way of instance, Blogging Wizard — among my customers — is a website that hires additional bloggers to compose blog articles because of their editorial calendar.

It is possible to tell whether a site has authored by visiting their blog roll along with the writers of the blog posts.

Not all contributor sites pay authors, but a lot of them do. And as a mother blogger, this kind of blogging endeavor is not difficult to do because you are knowledgeable about blogging.

Where to Locate Blogging Jobs

There are lots of places to locate blogging tasks, but the simplest are job boards, websites that cover, and Facebook.

Let us examine three job boards which are absolutely free to use.

Job Boards

1. Problogger

Problogger is most likely the most popular job board around. Additionally, it is a favorite site with a podcast and goods. But, I utilize Problogger to discover online writing projects.

Each day Problogger adds new job postings for you to select from.

See Problogger at a minimum in the morning and before going to bed. This is generally the time they include new jobs. It is very important to attempt to become among the very first when applying to those gigs.

Firms who post advertisements on free job boards such as this usually get around 500 answers, so being among the first ten answers increases the chances you will land the gig!

It is possible to use the filter options to locate gigs in your specialty subject, but you might pull older gigs, so first glance through current listings.

By Way of Example, this is a gardening composting project listed:

This is a superb entry writing project since it merely needed a writing sample from the backyard market and your resume along with prices which you would like.

Your resume is also a URL for a LinkedIn profile or writer site because I think you do not require a restart to land gigs.

For every job advertisement, you see these job boards make certain that you find out more about the business (if at all possible ).

2. BloggingPro

BloggingPro just curates blogging tasks. Since I am a freelance writer, I enjoy using this task board to locate recurring blogging perform.

They do filter their tasks from the kind of job you need — contract, freelancer, full-time, internship, temporary and part-time.

I typically use contract and freelance to come across good-paying blogging tasks.

You’ll also notice that there are a whole lot of editing tasks also. Proceed and pitch into those kinds of content tasks because that may open the doorway to other blogging tasks like composing blog articles or emails or landing page copy.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is a massive website that curates blogging tasks from several areas, so this could be the largest job board on this listing. And it is totally free to use!

All these kinds of blogging tasks may require more expertise in freelance writing or blogging generally. Do not be discouraged, however!

It is still possible to apply to those gigs even when you’re new to freelance blogging.

Additionally, I also have a free class on landing at your first blogging endeavor on my other website!

Websites That Pay

Were you aware there are websites that pay mom bloggers to compose them? That is guest blogging. However, a degree upward — compensated guest blogging.

Many sites in a variety of niches pay other writers and bloggers to write content for them.

And, sometimes, that may become a recurring gig!

I’ve got two articles on sites that cover:

  • 12 Websites for Mothers that Pay $100 to Compose
  • 12 Websites that Pay Moms $200 to Compose

Have a look at these two articles and search through the websites to find out whether it is a market you’re interested in and could write around.

One thing to notice about websites that cover is that it may take more time to get paid than using a normal blogging occupation.

A number of these websites may be online magazines, plus they take weeks to pay their authors. Thus, it’s something to take into account!


Facebook is a superb marketing strategy to select up blogging tasks, but how can you begin?

Be certain that you have a Facebook page which boosts your freelance abilities. Just posting some hints for your own audience and then using a CTA that mentions ways to assist them is a fantastic strategy to begin trying.

A different way to locate blogging tasks would be to use Facebook classes.

Locate Facebook classes of your intended market — solopreneurs, girls, coaches, mothers, writers, entrepreneurs, etc.. — and combine those classes.

Just take some opportunity to read the articles and be useful. Answer questions from the category, and with time, individuals may wish to find out exactly what you do.

You might even market your ceremony in the event the team has a promotional day.

Applying to the Blogging Job

Based on where you discover the gig, then you may be formal in applying or much more conversational.

By way of instance, a huge brand bothers me on my Facebook page. Also, I managed to chit chat with them concerning their articles program.

However, for blogging jobs on job boards, I’d send an email pitch.

This pitch email will reveal my authenticity and expertise.

As a mother blogger, you can leverage your mother blog articles and blogging abilities by connecting to different blog posts you’ve got that is regarding the job.

By way of instance, if your site talks about gardening/home decoration, it is possible to discover those gardening articles — spruce up them should they need upgrading — and then use those as writing samples.

Be sure to include these items in your email:

  • The sort of blogger you are and the job you’re applying for
  • Snapshot your expertise
  • Links for your writing samples
  • the way you can assist their content plan (writing up-to-date blog articles, utilizing industry-specific content thoughts, etc..)
  • Call to action (telling them which you simply can not wait to collaborate together and email you if curious )
    That is basically it!

This is a superb negative income and will assist you in acquiring a couple of hundred dollars each month!

Blogging Jobs for Moms

There ya go!

Blogging tasks are a wonderful stepping stone for mothers who are looking to create living blogging. I have been doing so for five decades, and it’s changed my family’s life for the better!

So, why don’t you try it?

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