June 19, 2021

Chic Bar Cabinets Furniture Adda for Your Home

Let’s face it, we’ve all acquired quite the collection of liquor or wine bottles over the past few months. Chances are you need a place to store your newfound liquor collection. Meet the bar cabinet, the middle child between sideboards and bar trolleys. They make a perfect investment piece of furniture since they are designed to tuck away all your libation-related goods and add a beautiful decorative element to your home. To buy home bar furniture online in India, head on over to www.furnitureadda.com.

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But when it comes to picking out the right bar cabinet, you’re going to have many choices to sift through. They come in pretty much every style imaginable, from modern to industrial, and in various shapes and sizes to fit your space. To help you get started on your shopping journey, we’ve scoured the web for our favorite bar cabinets on the market today. Buy home furniture online in India from Furniture Adda.

Here are the best bar cabinets from Furniture Adda to elevate your bar game.

Taxista Bar Cabinet

If you love organization, you’ll want to propose a toast to this bar cabinet. The wooden style features a stemware rack for ten glasses, a removable shelf, and a drawer for bar accessories so all of your essentials will have the perfect spot. Plus, the art-deco style is suited for small spaces so you won’t have to worry about it overpowering your room.

Buy Taxista Bar Cabinet, ₹49,350/-

Lury Kings Bar

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Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to bar cabinets. Sure, larger cabinets can hold more bottles, but we’re all about quality over quantity. Enter the Lury Kings Bar. Like a little treasure chest of liquid wonders, this high-quality cabinet has quite a few hiding spots. There’s a chest on top that serves as a prep space, a drawer for miscellaneous bar paraphernalia, and the main cabinet with a shelf for glassware, beneath which can fit standard-size liquor bottles. There’s even an extra set of shelves in the doors for additional storage.

Buy Lury Kings Bar, ₹79,900/-

Glovic Wooden Bar With Marble Top

Some might say the mid-century furniture trend is over, but if this list is any indication, we think it’s still in full swing. There’s something timeless about the streamlined furniture from the era that fits perfectly with contemporary decor—and that includes the Glovic Wooden Bar With Marble Top.

Inside, storage isn’t just limited to the two shelves and wine rack: there are stemware holders in the ceiling panel, as well as four shelves on the interiors of the doors. It might be a small cabinet, but it holds far more than you might expect.

Buy Glovic Wooden Bar With Marble Top, ₹35,000/-

Virtue Bar Cabinet

If you’re looking for a piece with hints of industrial style, opt for Virtue Bar Cabinet. This cabinet features a manufactured wood bar, sitting upon a metal frame. Think uber-chic storage that holds booze instead of miscellaneous equipment.

Buy Virtue Bar Cabinet, ₹65,000/-

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