September 23, 2021

DIY: Black Widow Outfit

Black Widow is the decade’s most famous female superhero. Scarlett Johansson has been portraying Black Widow since 2010, in four films from the Avengers series. Both these films are massive hits at the box office. You may insist that Black Widow didn’t hit them, but you can’t deny that because of her role, we got more and more female-centred superhero stories. Thanks to its success, Black Widow also became one of the favorite characters that girls prefer to play with.

Superheroes movies provide you with a wide range of cosplay ideas. From Captain Marvel merchandise to Black Widow merchandise, you can get plenty of ideas for your next Halloween outfit. We bring you a full guide to make Black Widow Cosplay Costume for you, and hope that you will be able to concentrate on your next comic-book themed or Halloween party through this elaborately planned guide!

Shoulder patches:

All right, let’s proceed with the Shield and the Shoulders patches first:

Consider a glass with a diameter of around 3 inches to trace. Trace two circles in the grey foam and use the Scissors to cut them off. The bird logo can be found online or first drawn with a pencil and then loaded with a black sharpie.

Tips: The head should face the opposite side, as you draw the second one. Sketch out the black foam and you’re done. You can use a hot glue gun, velcro, sew it, or you may easily stick it to your leotard with a double-sided glue tape. The double-sided adhesive tape can also be used if you want to be able to reuse the Leotard on Halloween.

Black Widow belt:

Let’s go ahead with the belt of the Black Widow next:

Next, find Black Leather cloth that you just have laying around, and use it to sew some Velcro at the ends to make a belt. Build a grey foam curved hourglass figure. It can be much wider than the belt. Build a smaller form of an hourglass out of the red foam and use the black foam again. Place the three pieces on top of each other. Then use hot glue to bind it to the DIY belt.

Black Widow’s wrist cuffs:

Remove enough scraps from the belt to make any bracelet you need. You will use about 12 pieces of leather on each of the bracelets. However, if you do not have a black leather piece, you can use other colors, and spray it matte black. To be safe, spray over a cardboard box to prevent a large mess. Let them dry for about 45 minutes to 1 hour before stacking them.

Tide holsters for Black Widow:

The Holsters tide is a little complicated. Next, two black leather pieces can be trimmed to match all over the clothes. Now you had to tie two leather belts to your waist. Again you could cut two leather belts about 2 inches apart. You can make it a little longer than you need it to be and sew a loop at either end, just pull it through the belt and thigh braces.

Pistol holsters:

You will use cardboard for the pistol holster.   You should first trace a triangular pattern. The piece can be sliced with a knife or cardboard cutter. You would then fold it into shapes. Do not use standard tape to avoid unwinding, as it may not be the appropriate option. It is recommended that you use duct tape in order to prevent it from breaking apart halfway through. You should carve straight lines through the back of the bits of the cardboard. You can stain black cardboard with the same matte black spray paint. Allow it to dry for around 1 hour until the straps are added.

Leather jacket:

Making a leather jacket at home is not possible. If you try to make them, it will waste your time and money. The best option available is to buy one from Marvel Jacket. It provides you with the most premium quality black widow leather jacket. The jacket will be able to make you outshine at your next Halloween party.

That’s all you need to do to make a perfect black widow outfit at home. Follow the steps above and shine in your next outfit for the party.

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