March 7, 2021

Factors to consider while buying a tire

Buying tires is no easy task. If you have less knowledge about tire or have not assessed you’re driving needs properly, there is a high chance that you will end up buying the wrong type of tire.

Let’s discuss the different factors that you must consider before buying tires:


One of the very significant things to consider while buying a tire is the weather. What climate conditions will you be travelling in? Different types of tires are manufactured differently with their exclusive selling points. For picking the right tire, you have to know about the climate conditions beforehand.

For instance, if you are planning to take a route under extreme snowfall, you can’t choose a highway tyre type, you need to be informed if the tyre you are choosing is good for the particular climate range you are travelling to or good for seasons all year round.


Before you go to your local tire shop, you must know the size of the tire you are looking for. To know the exact size of your vehicle, you must consider reading your car’s manual or just simply research on the internet about the type of vehicle you own and what tire size should be satisfactory. Preferring a tire size without prior knowledge about your vehicle is a little risky if you’re opting for a long-lasting premium quality tire.

Tyre Life

Another major factor to consider is a tire’s life, how last will it long and when to change it. Believe it or not, every tire type has a different life span. Most tyre types that are high or superior performance delivering a smooth and comfortable journey have a relatively shorter lifespan than that of other types. Keeping the needs and budget in mind, it’s important to consider the proper balance of performance and life expectancy.

Ride Noise

The noise while you are travelling is one the most annoying and distracting part of the journey which if eradicated, the journey will be ten times comfortable. Ride noise can be caused by different factors like tire size and the tire type. It is good to see the reviews and feedback before making a buying decision.

The modern technology is focusing more on reducing the noise not just by manufacturing the noise-cancelling tires but also the noise coming from the engine and other parts of the vehicle to make the journey more pleasant. So, if you are someone whose mood doesn’t stay well while experiencing the ride noise, this factor is predominant to consider.

Speed rating

If you are buying a new tire to cover longer distances, the speed rating is one of the important characteristics to consider. For highway travels, most cars usually drive faster than usual, and if you haven’t considered tires indicating that a certain speed rating would be safe for an extended period, you can be in a problem. Depending on the distance you’ve to cover and the speed you are willing to drive on, you must pick the tires that are best suited for you.

How many miles should a tire last?

How long the tyre stands will entirely depend upon how well or rough you have used the tyre and what brand you preferred. A good quality tyre lasts you anywhere between 50,000 to 70,000 miles. If you are considering riding on off roads and bumpy surfaces, you might want to change your tyre after covering the 40,000 miles distance, but if the tyre you are using is for daily errands, it will last for 60,000 miles.

When should I change my tire?

Car manufacture professionals suggest that if your tires are five years old, you must get them checked once or twice a year and if they are ten years old, they must be restored right away as it is risky to travel with substandard wheels. You can purchase high-quality tires to expect long tread life. Dunlop tires are considered one of the best tires in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, you should replace your tires whenever you see signs of wear and tear or if you have used any tire beyond its typical limits obviously because even the premium quality tire eventually wears off or if you feel that the vehicle is experiencing any balancing issues.

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