June 19, 2021
high cholesterol

How to Control High Cholesterol in Urdu

Using high-quality herbs to treat your high cholesterol is a great alternative to statins. While statins are effective, they come with some pretty scary side effects like heart disease and cognitive impairment. However, using herbs to lower your cholesterol will not have those same side effects. Plus, using herbs is safe because they are natural. In fact, many of them have been used by mankind for hundreds of years and continue to be used in supplements today.

One of the best herbs for high cholesterol is policosanol. This is a natural extract from sugar cane that has proven beneficial in lowering LDL levels. LDL is the bad saturated fat in our blood. By taking it, you can reduce your risk of developing heart disease. (how to control cholesterol in urdu) The more LDL you remove from your blood, the less your blood will carry back to your liver, where it is converted into its more deadly substance, cholesterol.

Natural Ways to cure Cholesterol:

You should also try policosanol alongside lecithin oil. Lecithin is a fatty acid that also helps maintain cholesterol levels in the blood. It also reduces inflammation in the body. The two complement each other in a great combination, which can lower your cholesterol levels significantly. Also, the two complement each other in removing free radicals from your system.

Another supplement, you should look into is lecithin oil plus l-carnitine. You can take it daily with a little food or as a supplement. Taking a daily supplement of lecithin oil and l-carnitine allows your body to burn fat faster. As you lose more fats in your body, your cholesterol levels will also go down. When saturated fat levels go down, triglycerides are able to be reduced, too.

You might be worried about taking cholesterol-lowering supplements if you are already having problems with your health because of it. If you are not used to having high cholesterol levels in your blood, then you might not know how uncomfortable they make you feel. (high cholesterol symptoms in urdu) But once you start feeling the discomfort, you will see how this herb really helps you manage your saturated fat levels. It will help in easing some of the discomfort and pain, too.

Herbal Remedies for treat High & Low Cholesterol:

There are also herbal remedies that are said to treat cholesterol. These herbal remedies have been known to reduce cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Some of them are even more effective than others. You should know how to properly use these herbs. You should use them correctly or else they could make things worse instead of better. If you think you do not know how to go about using them, then you might want to consult your doctor first before taking them.

Aromatic herbs are also great ways to manage high cholesterol levels. If you find that you are bothered by certain types of scents that come from different plants, then you can use aloe vera to reduce the smell. Aloe vera is a plant that grows in moist tropical areas. Its bitter taste will deter you from biting into it, but if you swallow it, you will only be bothered by its pleasant scent. Aloe vera is a great way to get rid of unwanted smells that are caused by certain foods and plant extracts.

Another one of the best herbal medicine for high cholesterol is dandelion root. This root is used to treat both liver and gall bladder disease. It can also be used to improve the circulation of blood in your body. If you find that your cholesterol is too high and you are not sure what to do, try to incorporate some of these herbs into your diet.

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