April 20, 2021
How to deal with erection problems before intercourse?

How to Deal With Erection Problems Before Intercourse?

How to deal with erection problems before intercourse?

  • Erection problems have some underlying cause. It could be physical, mental or emotional. The medical ailment or lack of confidence to deal with the partner could also cause erection issues.
  • The first step in dealing with problems understands the nature of the problem. The problem could be temporary. The solutions come in range of natural remedies to medication.
  • The instant solution is popping up Generic cialis 60 mg , a higher dose to overcome any erection issue. The permanent solution lies in understanding cause through medical consultations and dealing with it.

Erection problems

  • Erection problems could come from lack of interest in the partner or not getting sufficiently aroused. It must be noted that an occasional erection issue is not considered a problem by medical experts.
  • Any erection issue that causes problems in getting erection for more than 70 percent comes under erectile dysfunction. It is a medical term for erection difficulties.
  • Before medical consultations do some self assessment. Check for any thought or worry which prevented full concentration on the partner.
  • You could have a low arousal level, which prevented full erection. Or there was premature ejaculation, before the erection.
  • Many times, anxiety or tension lowers the erection degree, which affects erection level. Fear of loss of erection is also a major factor, which restricts the full involvement in the intimate session.

Open discussion with the partner

  • Mention your problems to the partner. It will lower anxiety levels. Her support will increase time you spend in foreplay.
  • This will reduce the need to rush into intercourse with half erection,Let the arousal level increase to give you an erection.
  • Do not force yourself to an erection; let it happen with intense foreplay sessions. If still there is an erection issue, get medical help.

Professional guidance

  • Get medical consultations to know the basic cause behind erection problems. Medical tests will reveal the medical issues.
  • In case of negative medical reports, the doctor suggests psychologist services.
  • Again the counseling sessions with the professional will reveal the root cause of the erection problem.
  • Your thinking pattern, irrational worry about the future that is yet to come or fear of failure may emerge as the main culprit. The cognitive behavior therapy under professional guidance will help you.
  • Cognitive therapy under a psychologist’s guidance changes your behavior towards the same issue which earlier brother you.
  • The changed perspective enables you to handle the worry in a positive way.

ED medicines

  • There is no harm in using erection boosting medicines to overcome psychological fear of an intimate session.
  • It often happens in young males who are first going into an intimate act with their partner.
  • Medical experts also suggest Generic Cialis doses 40mg online for its longer impact period to support the erection process. The 36 hours influence removes any need to get into intercourse soon after using medicine.
  • The long duration gives confidence to get an erection in Synchronization with natural arousal levels.
  • A doctor will check the degree of erection loss and Tolerability of the body before prescribing a higher dose.

Recheck lifestyle

  • When there are no apparent medical or mental issues, then lifestyle prevents you from achieving required erection level.
  • Cut down excess smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet habits and irregular eating hours. Avoid sedentary life and get into some exercise regimen at least thrice a week. 
  • Exercises will shed weight, increase blood circulation and make you fitter. The increased energy levels at physical levels get converted into a passionate intimate session.
  • A diet full of green vegetables, fruits, and salad will restore the natural strength. Vitamin B diet resorts to depleting energy levels, increases libido, and produces more testosterone level.
  • The combination supports a strong erection. Diet and exercises will reduce the need for a higher Levitra 60mg online dose.  Spinach, eggs, fish, carrot, nuts, chicken, etc are part of the vitamin B complex diet. 

Creating a relaxing ambience

  • A simple step is removing television or any distraction from the bedroom. Switch off phones and bright lights. Use your Favorite essential oil to fragrant the room. It acts as aphrodisiacs.
  • The whole idea is to get out of a normal routine that makes intimate sessions boring.
  •  Trying to fix a day or time to create an excitement of an approaching moment. Start with new innovative techniques like massaging each other, and focusing on foreplay.
  • Again the idea is new passion, excitement and removing fear of direct intercourse. Later you can get into intercourse when body, mind and soul are at one level. 

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