April 20, 2021
hemorrhoids treatment

How to Treat Hemorrhoids by Herbal Medicine| khooni bawaseer ka ilaj

Hemorrhoid Symptoms

The best hemorrhoids treatment (khooni bawaseer ka ilaj) is dependent on the kind of hemorrhoid you have. Hemorrhoids are caused by varicose veins, pregnancy, obesity, aging, and constipation. They are usually a nuisance, making life difficult. If you do not want to undergo expensive and painful surgeries to treat your hemorrhoids, then here are a few treatments you can try at home.

hemorrhoids treatment

The most common hemorrhoids treatment (khooni bawaseer ka ilaj) is a rubber band ligation. Rubber band ligation is done with the use of a special ring that is tied around the base of the hemorrhoid. This prevents blood supply to the swollen vein and eventually shuts it down. The wound would then heal. This procedure is effective but can also lead to irritation or bleeding.

In cases where the hemorrhoids (bawaseer) cannot be tied with a rubber band, another option is to undergo a sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy works by injecting a chemical into the rectum. This chemical irritates the hemorrhoids and causes it to shrink and eventually collapse. This procedure can be painful and has to be done under the supervision of your physician. As always, you should first consult your physician regarding your condition before undergoing this treatment.

Another treatment, you can opt for is a hemorrhoidectomy. This procedure involves removing the hemorrhoid via a surgical procedure. Your physician will first assess the extent of your hemorrhoids and if they are curable via a sclerotherapy or a rubber band ligation hemorrhoid treatment, he will suggest surgery. If it is not possible to undergo a surgical procedure, he may suggest taking an aspirin and other medications to reduce inflammation in the affected area.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Sclerotherapy and rubber band ligation hemorrhoid treatments are suitable for people suffering from external hemorrhoids only. If you suffer from internal hemorrhoids, then a hemorrhoidectomy would be the best treatment. With a hemorrhoidectomy, your doctor will remove your hemorrhoids using an instrument called a fundoscope. An endoscope is similar to a telescope that has a very powerful magnifying lens.

After a rubber band ligation or a sclerotherapy, your rectum will be stitched and closed up. This procedure may leave scars but they will be small and insignificant. You can use special creams to minimize any discomfort caused by the procedure. However, some discomfort may last for a few days or for a few weeks.

The best hemorrhoids (bawaseer) treatment his a holistic one. This means that you need to make lifestyle changes in order for you to eliminate your hemorrhoids from your life permanently. This includes increasing your fluid intake to at least eight glasses a day. You also need to modify your diet so that you include more fruits and vegetables in it. Drinking lots of water is another important factor because it lubricates your anal area, making the process of passing stool easier.

Another holistic way to get rid of hemorrhoids is with acupuncture. This is a surefire way to shrink your hemorrhoid and shrink your wallet as well because it makes the process of eliminating hemorrhoids more affordable. Acupuncture works by decreasing the flow of blood in the anal area. Increasing your fluid intake and adopting a healthier diet are good ways to start on your way to experiencing permanent relief from hemorrhoids. These are the best hemorrhoids treatment options that you can use.

Bawaseer Medicine

A common procedure that is used in the initial stages of hemorrhoids treatment (khooni bawaseer) is laser surgery. Laser surgery is a great procedure if you are not willing to undergo surgery or if you don’t have the money for it. Basically, this procedure involves cutting out a portion of the hemorrhoid causing the pain. The result is a hemorrhoid that is less visible but no less painful.

But before you go under the knife, make sure that you have tried other alternatives first. There are natural remedies that you can try which are just as effective as the surgery. One of the best hemorrhoids treatment options that you can use is to take a warm bath each day. Warm baths relax your entire body and your mind, making the healing process faster and less painful. This is also a great way to treat your hemorrhoid while avoiding the discomfort.

If you are looking for the best hemorrhoids treatment (khooni bawaseer ka ilaj), then it is important that you look into all of the options available. Surgery will never be your only option, and you should also consider all of the other remedies. It may seem like a painful procedure, but remember that there are plenty of other ways to heal your hemorrhoids and live with much less discomfort.


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