January 16, 2021

IRS Issued Identification Numbers TIN, ITIN, PTIN, SSN, CAF Number

It doesn’t take long working with tax documents to understand that the IRS utilizes a dumbfounding assortment of abbreviations. As confounding as the endless gathering of letters may appear, it is significant that you comprehend the distinction between a PTIN, ITIN, and CAF number. 

So we’ve assembled a simple reference for the most widely recognized identification numbers the IRS will request. Peruse on to perceive what everyone methods, who needs everyone, and when you may have to utilize them.


Tax Identification Numbers 

A TIN is an overall term used to allude to a wide range of IRS gave identification numbers. In the event that an IRS structure requests a TIN, you will quite often utilize your customer’s EIN, ITIN, or SSN, contingent upon the customer. 


Preparer Tax Identification Number 

A PTIN is explicit to burden experts who get ready IRS structures for their customers. There are a couple of IRS shapes that don’t expect you to present your PTIN, yet most will. PTINs can’t be shared by gatherings or workplaces, so every person who is made up for planning or getting ready assessment forms or tax documents must have their own PTIN. You can apply for a PTIN on the web or utilize Form W-12. 

CAF Number 

Centralized Authorization File Number 

A CAF number is likewise explicit to burden preparers. For this situation, just accountants and duty experts who wish to get to their customer’s secret assessment data (through IRS Form 8821) or speak to their customers before the IRS (by means of IRS Form 2848) commonly need a CAF number. You can get a CAF number by submitting Form 2848 or 8821 and expressing “None” in the space assigned for the CAF number. The IRS will send you a CAF number within half a month. 


Social Security Number

Federal retirement aide numbers are commonly just utilized by US residents. These nine-digit numbers are relegated upon birth or when an individual has conceded citizenship. This will probably be the most well-known expense identification number you will utilize when rounding out IRS structures for your individual customers. 


Individual Tax Identification Number 

An ITIN is a number used to guarantee government charge consistency for any individual who pays charges in the US and doesn’t have (and isn’t qualified for) a federal retirement aid number. ITINs are not utilized for something besides charge consistency and don’t concede residency, lawful laborer status, or government-managed retirement advantages to the person. People are needed to file for an ITIN paying little mind to their movement status. 


Employer Identification Number 

EINs are utilized to recognize business elements on business expense forms and other business-related tax documents. Not all organizations require an EIN. Commonly, just organizations that pay wages to employees or work as an association or enterprise need an EIN. You can check the IRS site for the total rundown of EIN capabilities. In the event that you or a customer needs to file for an EIN, you can do so on the web.

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