March 7, 2021
Jupiter Transit 2020

Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 for Aries Ascendant

Jupiter will enter the sign Capricorn on 20th November 2020 and stay there for a year. In between, the planet will become retrograde and stay in Aquarius as well for some time. This would affect different zodiac signs differently, such as the Aries ascendants too.

For Aries, this transit may not be very good in career terms. You may feel a competitive environment at your workplace, and you may also feel the need to leave your job. Its transition in the 10th house will affect your 2nd, 4th, and 6th house, which means you will be affected for finances, speech, family relations, possessions, diseases, sorrow, and anger.

However, when the planet enters Aquarius from April to September, it will bring you some positivity too. This is the time when you may end up getting a new job and have some mental peace. However, your finances would still take a toll, and you may end up spending unnecessarily. Investing in real estate or buying any possessions like vehicles would not come very fruitful.

Your health may go down due to the stress, and you may make some visits to the doctor. Married couples would face disharmony in the relationship. You may become easily angry with your partner; keeping calm and taking things cool would help you.

  • It is advised that you listen to Sathya Narayan Story on the day of Poornima.
  • Wear Gold jewelry.
  • Donate yellow clothes to the poor.
  • Feed a cow with jaggery.


Health is the most important factor in one’s life. During the transit, you need to take extra care of your health, so you don’t develop any serious ailments. Also, do not avoid any minor injuries or infections because doing so may worsen the situation. You may feel some trouble in the chest region and the knees as well. The health of your family members may also become a matter of concern. Keep a check on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


There may be arguments with your partner, and your marriage life would not blossom very much. You may get short-tempered and lash out your anger. Also, you would not receive much support from your family members that may further stress you out. All the scenarios may make you feel lonely, but see things from a different perspective and maintain your composure till the transit gets over.


The transit will affect your financial situation as well. This may not be a good time for you to invest or buy any possessions. You should focus on saving your money; however, some unnecessary expenses may occur, especially if you develop any health issues.

You may be prone to debts as a shortage of funds may arise in between. However, do think twice before taking any loan or making any expenditure; only spend on your needs, not your wants.


This is not the time when you would shine career-wise. You may make many struggles to end up with little results. You may also lose interest in your job, and there won’t be very much support from your seniors.

If you think of any business idea, do research properly, or try to avoid it if possible. There may be more loss in partnership, which is not a very good time to start something new. Hikes, promotions, or bonuses may feel various obstructions before reaching you. For everything on the professional front, you may have to put in the extra effort.


Those who are students may lose focus on their studies. They may study hard to end up with average grades. It is hard to maintain good academics; however, you should never lose hope and put your 100%.

You may feel pressurized, and so your performance would face downfall. If you are about to enter a University, you may not get your favorite stream or college of your choice. Students who are seeking college overseas may face visa problems so that the transit will delay your progress. However, if one follows the remedies as suggested, it would help you navigate the sea of hardships quite easily.

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