March 7, 2021
Shoppable galleries

Shoppable Galleries: How They Benefit eCommerce Brands

If you have an online store or eCommerce platform to sell your products then you have come the most exciting blog that features the trending tactic called Shoppable Galleries

 In this blog, we have discussed the important benefits that you can enjoy by leveraging these shoppable galleries to showcase your products in an exquisite way.

It is an amazing way to turn the customer’s inspiration into sales by providing them with an easy way to shop for their desirous and favourite products.

What Are Shoppable Galleries?

In the most simple terms, shoppable galleries are the collection of shoppable images all together in a single feed, enriched with the visual advertisement of the products by curating the user-generated content by diverse sources.

These products are tagged with the product details and descriptions along with the price tag and ‘shop now’ functionality and provides the customer with the easy checkout process.

You can easily convert your social media feed into a shoppable content by adding tags to the products using visual commerce platform

Benefits of Shoppable Galleries

1. Easy access to the product catalog

Well, many of us might have faced a situation where we got stimulated by a product on social media, and we ended up searching for the product in the catalog because of the absence of the product link.

With the introduction of these shoppable galleries, marketers can now showcase their product catalog in a defined way which leads to easy discoverability of the product for the customers.

Shoppable galleries allow the customer to get product details and its price in just one click and easy access to the entire catalog with a fastened purchase journey. This increases the engagement of the customers towards the brands and drives more conversions with magnified sales.

2. Unpretentious and trustworthy advertising with UGC

In today’s time, when even a small needle is displayed using high tech customized features, customers have started acknowledging the experiences and honest reviews of the genuine customers of the brand.

It would be no surprise to know that 93% of customers believe that UGC is very helpful for shaping their purchase decision. Keeping this demographic in mind, brands use user-generated content to showcase the authenticity of the products and deliver the legit advertisement of the product. 

Brands aggregate all the relevant UGC and add product tags to the images to deliver the best shopping experience to their customers.

Using UGC, brands can display the best possible image of a product infused with lifestyle. This increases the reliability of the product, creates social proof, and builds a trustworthy relationship between the brands and its customers.

3. Distinguished brand image with moderated content

Displaying UGC is not just enough. As a brand, you need to moderate the content before displaying it to the customers.

Moderating the content simply means filtering the inappropriate and indecent user-generated content to exhibit the best of your content and the most relevant content to your customers.

This gives your brand a dignified image in the market and helps in maintaining the standard of their marketing strategy. 

4. Gateway towards sales with influencer marketing

Getting influenced by the lifestyle of famous personalities and renowned artists is the most common trait that humans possess.

So why not take advantage of it to win the game.

With the option of social shopping, brands have leveraged influencer marketing to promote their brand more exclusively and exquisitely.

Customers get overwhelmed when they see their favorite celebrity endorsing a product and tend to have a soft-hearted sympathy towards that product.

This helps the brands to increase customer engagement and triggers the emotions of the customers to influence their purchase decision. 

5. Minify the purchase journey

Have you ever discarded your desired products into the shopping cart just because you had no time to deal with lengthy and tiring purchase journey?

Possibly yes!

Many of us have this strange habit of abandoning products in the carts of the eCommerce platforms with no chances of returning back. To get over such high bounce rates of the sites, brands have shifted to social media channels and have adopted the concept of social selling.

These shoppable galleries allow the brands to display high-quality UGC content with tags of detailed product description and specification.

By clicking on the tags, users are directed towards the payments page. It has made the purchase journey of the buyer smoother, shorter and even quicker with user-friendly payment options.

6. Develops the affinity towards the brand

By using shoppable galleries brands can understand the behaviour of their customers in a better way. They can know what their customers like, dislike, what are their desires, what is their obsession, and what pulls them back to your shoppable page.

Online retailers can create a sense of desire in their customers using the compelling user-generated content and can have an idea about what they are willing to buy.                                  

This helps your brand to have a better engagement with the customers by creating a conversion around their desirous products which will lead to improved sales and revenue. 

7. Accelerated sales with visual marketing

With the evolution of the online market, eCommerce stores are replaced by social media shoppable galleries, and visual marketing is replaced by visual UGC marketing. 

The shoppable galleries are the new shopping venue for the modern-day shoppers and with the concept of using UGC content for product tagging and providing easy access to product catalog for smooth purchase journey, it has attracted millions of customers towards the brands.

Taking the advantage of these “eager to buy” customers,  by influencing their purchase decision with the compelling and attractive visual content, helps the brands to boost engagement and with accelerated sales.


Whether you sell cosmetics or gadgets, shoppable galleries allow you to portray your brand’s story to the willing customers using user-generated visual content.

It has changed the perception of the customers towards shopping a product by bridging the gap between the point of inspiration and point of purchase.

This helps the brands to build a great and robust relationship with the customers with enhanced engagement and sales.

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