July 24, 2021
immigration consultant in toronto canada

Tips To Immigrate To Canada

Canada is a lucrative place for people to migrate to from different corners of the world. So, if you too are looking to migrate to Canada you need to consult an immigration consultant. To select a consultant the first step is to see that the consultant is authorized. First of all, the consultant must be authorized by the government of Canada to help people to immigrate to the country. Now, you need to know how to immigrate to Canada. Here is a list of ways for you to immigrate to Canada. 

How You Can Relocate To Canada

There are different processes for immigrating to Canada. The right one depends on your educational qualification and professional background. Your personal preferences come next. However, there are so many ways to immigrate to Canada that it sometimes becomes confusing for the common people. This calls for the services of an immigration consultant in Toronto CanadaThese people are aware of all the nuances of immigrating to Canada. Indeed, the service of a good immigration consultant is vital to a successful migration. 

Who Can Immigrate to Canada?

Here is a list of who can immigrate to Canada.

If you are a skilled or semi-skilled worker or an agricultural worker, you are welcome to Canada.

If you have a work permit visa. You can stay and work in Canada for a limited time. You can extend the work permit and also apply for permanent residency in the country. 

If you have a spouse living in Canada. This works through the Spouse Sponsorship Program. Canada allows citizens to sponsor their spouse or partners desirous of legally immigrating into the country. If the sponsorship is approved, your spouse becomes a permanent resident of the country. What more, this status is not going to be revoked even if your partnership ends. You must remember that your financial responsibility towards your partner does not end even if your partnership with the spouse or partner ends. This financial responsibility is the reason that you have to sponsor your spouse or partner. You need to undertake that you would be responsible for the person’s basic needs like clothing, food, housing, medical care, etc. for 3 years. To be eligible for spouse sponsorship Canada, you need to-

  1. Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of the country,
  2. Currently, live in Canada OR planning to live in Canada after your sponsor receives the status of a permanent resident,
  3. Be able to take care of yourself as well as people you desire to sponsor. So, this may include your children too unless they are less than 22 years in age.
  4. Be free from any conviction of a violent crime or sexual abuse. 

If you are a student. You can enter the country as a student, complete your studies, and gain experience in a local company. This gives you extra points to immigrate to the country through the Express Entry system. Indeed, this is the most popular avenue for immigrating to Canada. This system works on points, and you can secure high points if you follow this system.

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A good immigration consultant in Toronto Canada can help you pick the right reason for immigration. If you are interested in Quebec, you have a separate system to follow since this is an autonomous region with a separate immigration stream.

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