July 24, 2021
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Which AC is best for a 200 sq ft room?

It’s quite debatable when it comes to choosing the best AC for your home. The prices aren’t pocket-friendly at times and some brands are not reliable too at the same time. Hence the question remains, which AC is best for 200 square ft room?

This article will help the consumers choose the best AC for their home for the best cooling ensuring the price is pocket friendly and efficient in cooling. So let’s find out the features of a few latest air conditioners that are available in the market.

Ac Under Your Budget

Well as we said earlier, ac price in Pakistan for a lot of brands tends to go up in the summer season and relatively low in the winters, so the best time to purchase one for your home is in the off-season. We have listed down a few models below for you, which are in the affordable range of Rs, 56,000 to Rs. 85,000:

  • Pioneer 1 Ton DC Inverter
  • Pioneer 1.5 Ton DC Smart Inverter
  • Leader 1 Ton DC Smart Inverter
  • Leader 1.5 Ton DC Smart Inverter
  • Optima 1 Ton DC Smart Inverter

You can easily check out their specifications, features, customer reviews, and feedback for these models on the official websites when you are planning to do online shopping.

reason air conditioner

Size matters

An undersized or oversized AC will hamper the room cooling feature, as an undersized AC will consume more energy and in return swell up the household’s electricity bills by wasting too much energy. On the other hand, smaller units will also not be able to uniformly spread cooling in the room.

Ideally, a 1-ton ac in Pakistan is suitable for a room measuring up to 200 square feet approximately. Along with size, the placement of the unit also depends and in return affects the overall cooling of the area it covers. For instance, the “Pioneer 1 Ton DC Inverter” operates with a “4D airflow” system, which ensures that the throw of the AC is uniform and evenly spreads cooling in the room

Product Warranty

Several home appliances when purchased come with a warranty where the manufacturer provides the consumers with the facility of repair and exchange of spare parts and so forth. When it comes to the latest model “Pioneer 1 Ton DC Inverter”, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the compressor. So if there’s an issue with the cooling of the room, you may resort to the company helpline and ask for their assistance.

Another top seller “Leader 1 Ton Smart DC Inverter” is one model which offers a 10-year warranty for the compressor, and a 1-year warranty for spare parts and gas filling when you pay the 1 ton-ac price in Pakistan.

Choose an AC with an Eco-Friendly feature

Recently over the years, an eco-friendly feature of air conditioners has been trending a lot. An ac in Pakistan which has efficient energy consumption. An eco-friendly ac price in Pakistan is usually on the higher side, but the models that we have mentioned in our AC guide for you are on the economical side with many benefits.

These DC Inverters minimize the energy consumption by regulating the compressor speed, along with a reduction in the electricity bill, thus being eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

reason air conditioner


As load shedding is prevalent every year, we as Pakistani’s we need to ensure that the products we buy from various home appliances brands are compatible with UPS and generator. When talking about air conditioners, as they consume a lot of energy, the model you choose must be greatly compatible with the UPS and generators. Therefore the models featured by Optima, Leader, and Pioneer all claim compatibility with these energy-saving devices.

Noise Level

Bigger outdoor units usually result in loud noise. The aim of having these cooling systems in our homes is basically to get utmost comfort without any noise. The aforementioned models are 50% times quieter. This means that you can now have a sound sleep in your chilly room, without any noise in your room and outside as well. This also ensures that your neighbors are also in peace.

Smart Feature

With the latest innovations in the tech world, a smart feature of connecting devices over the Wi-Fi connection has been a blessing for mankind to make processes smooth and efficient. You can now control the cooling of your room remotely and also ask your air conditioner to switch on or off via the application that you just have to download on your smartphone. Not only this, several applications have an interface that is integrated with Facebook and WhatsApp so you can chat with the app. Voice commands are also now an innovation where you can control and operate your AC by single voice command.

There are several home appliances brands in Pakistan like Haier, Orient, Mitsubishi, Gree which are doing extremely well in terms of cooling, warranty, pricing, and all these factors mentioned above.



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