December 3, 2020
twitter feed widget

Why you should use twitter widget on your website

What is Twitter Widget ?

Embedding twitter feeds in your website is a facile method of creating a contemporary and neoteric look. This simple and code-free technique displays the latest tweets from your Twitter account to your website.

It automatically updates your site whenever you add a tweet or feed on Twitter. Various displaying options are available that helps you customize your website look and the way tweets will appear on the site.

Twitter feed widget is the latest approach used by marketers these days to increase their brand awareness, engagement and generate leads. This is hassle free and doesn’t require any expertise. 

You can curate your content on the website as per your requirements. Make only selective tweets and posts visible for the website visitors.

Twitter widgets have many more features over other marketing tools and techniques. Few have been described below.

Perks of embedding Twitter Feed Widget in your website

There are many peculiar features that the Twitter Feed Widget possess. 

  • Twitter feed widget boosts your brand engagement :

Engaging your target audience with the brand is the first and the most important step towards lead generation. Twitter feeds lets you curate the content with the help of hashtags and the people you follow. 

User generated content helps in increasing the time spent on your website and other social media pages. It apparently reduces the bounce rate. If the user ever contributed in sharing their experience with the brand, possibly they’ll find the post on your website.

This unusual thing will boost their confidence, trust and loyalty towards the brand. The popularity of the brand will also spread through the word of mouth.

  • It builds trust among your target audience :

Twitter feed widget lets the UGC be displayed on your brand’s website. It gives them a voice and a platform to reach out to you. Being heard intensifies the trust of the users towards the brand. 

User generated content is trustworthy as it is peer generated. In house content isn’t easily accepted.

  • Twitter feed widget upgrade the visual appeal of your website :

Twitter feed widgets update your website with the tweets and posts you uploaded on Twitter. It gives your website a whole new and modern look. 

Your brand’s website needs to be as appealing as the brand itself. The monotonous look might lead to higher bounce rate and a considerable decrease in the engagement. 

  • Creates a holistic platform for the users to surf :

Your audience will be more than happy to visit your website and have access to your social media contents as well. Users look for something handy and easy to explore. 

They will not take time to visit every social media handle of yours. Twitter widget will save their time and give your audience quick access to your tweets. 

  • Twitter feed widgets helps increase traffic on your website :

Twitter feed widget draws the attention of your targeted audience & drives the traffic to the website. It curates ravishing Twitter widget and features them on your website.

Twitter widget makes it look engaging and hence increases the online reach.

  • It boost your revenues :

By drawing an engaging and reliable user generated content on your website, you generate positive responses from the audience. It shoots up your sales and revenues in no time.

Steps to embed Twitter feed widgets to your website using tagembed:

Follow the easy and code-free steps to embed twitter feed widget to your website :

STEP 1 : Sign up to the Tagembed account.

STEP 2 : Click on dashboard and then on the My Widget icen. Your wall appears on the screen.

STEP 3 : Change the name of your wall if you require.

STEP 4 : Click on embed widget. A new tab will appear.

STEP 5 : Choose Twitter as the source.

STEP 6 : Select one of the twitter connection type among the options available i.e., HashTag(#), Mention(@), Handle(@), Favourites, Advanced, List.

(NOTE : You can choose only one connection type at a time).

STEP 7 : Click on create feed.

STEP 8 : Login to your twitter account. 

And we are all set to go to the next step!!

Steps to generate embedding code to add the facebook feeds to your website using Tagembed

Follow the simple steps to generate the code. You can use them on any platform your website is built in :

STEP 1 : Click on the Embed Widget button. A new tab appears.

STEP 2 : Select any one of the platforms i.e., HTML, WIX, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify.

STEP 3 : Adjust the height and width as you require.

STEP 4 : Copy the code that appears after you click on get code.

STEP 5 : Paste the code in your website editor.

Whether a live event, your hashtags, any campaign!! Use twitter feed widget to display your curated tweets and other content on your website.

Make your website more enticing and engaging. It takes your brand a whole new level. 


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